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Hiya there! I think that it's awesome that you've decided to get to know me and my pretty feet better by visiting this amateur foot fetish site.  I've actually been on the net at my panty, stockings & lingerie website AmberLily.net for several years now but have always wanted a place to really focus on my feet.  A totally natural progression, as I've been a big fan of all things "below the waist" for as long as I can remember.  How can stockings and high heels *not* include feet? They can't! So here I am with NymphFeet.com.

As you'll notice from my sample free pictures, I'm not *that* shy when I'm all alone with my camera -- I enjoy teasing you footboys with my clothes on and off and often get totally naked.  That being said, I have a special fondness for shoeplay with rht stockings, unusual over-the-knee & knee high socks, getting spa pedicures with wild toenail polish colors & nail art, wearing my eye-glasses while I film my vids & shoot pics, toe wiggling and more importantly toe SPREADING!

Here's a few of my basic stats:

Age: 35 (Yes, honestly)
Astrological Sign: I'm cuspy - Libra & Scorpio (Oct 22)
Marital Status: Married with the occasional side action
Measurements: 32/34a - 29 - 35
Height: 5ft 1/2 in
Weight: 108-115 lbs
Shoe Size: 7 - 7 1/2
Eyes: Eyes: Hazel gray
Hair: Usually auburn, sometimes dark chestnut
Body Mods: None. No ink, no piercings (unless an earring hole in each ear counts)
Location: Back home in So Cal, USA
Job: Adult webmaster/webcam performer

And speaking of that last part, I hope that if you're interested in a private one-on-one foot fetish webcam show with me, that you'll stop by my Streamate/CamModels Chatroom and say hello.  I tend to be on weekday afternoons & early evenings.

To help my more devoted footboys keep up with what I'm doing, I've also created a Nymph Feet Blog that I'm positive I'll be writing entries for all the time.  Because if you haven't figured it out by this point, I'm rather wordy and love to write. :)

I would also *love* to hear your ideas for future photo and video shoots, so by all means, email me with what you'd like to see here and for sale in my Clips4Sale Store.  You guys always come up with the best suggestions.  Even if it's something that I won't be able to do because I shoot all of my own content of myself by myself, I still enjoy reading the creative storylines and getting more insight into who you are and what you turns you on.



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